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Share programs, lessons and initiatives from your own classroom or district! We will review your submission and post it on our website for others to see. Together, there is nothing we can't accomplish. 

Teen Health and Wellness

"Teachers can use Teen Health & Wellness lesson plans to support their programs on health, science, physical education, and language arts. Integrate the database into your classroom and motivate students to learn. All entries are correlated to state, national, and provincial curriculum standards."

NEA Teaching Students to Prevent Bullying

"Student bullying is one of the most frequently reported discipline problems at school: 21% of elementary schools, 43% of middle schools, and 22% of high schools reported problems with bullying in 2005-06. Bullying is the number one discipline problem in middle schools. These lesson, activities, and games will help you and your students understand this serious problem."

Mindfulness for Educators

"When children are struggling with emotional, behavioral and learning challenges, teachers are often the first ones to detect a problem. The Child Mind Institute is committed to helping educators identify and respond effectively to children with signs of a mental health or learning disorder. And since behavioral issues can disrupt learning for the whole class, we offer strategies that have been shown to help kids behave successfully -making the learning environment better for everyone."

NJEA Wellness Fair

"School-based mental health wellness fair makes resources accessible to students."

National Bullying Prevention Center

"The end of bullying starts with you."