Our Team

Samantha Rodriguez


Samantha Rodriguez, M.Ed., is a Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction. She holds a B.A. in K-12 Instruction, a B.A. in English Language Arts  and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. Prior to becoming a Curriculum Supervisor, she served as the Acting Assistant Principal of Memorial High School in Elmwood Park, NJ, where she had worked as an English Language Arts Instructor and Varsity Soccer Coach for eight years.  Samantha has been recognized by the Bergen County Educational Services Program for excellence in teaching and has carried out numerous district-wide initiatives, as an Educational Leader. Throughout her years as an educator and coach, Samantha has had a lasting effect on her community. She strives, every day, to make positive changes in the lives of others as she is fortunate to have been changed for the better by her students, colleagues, friends and family. Her passion for education has not only shaped her administrative platform, it has also brought her to the Bergen County Human Services Center where she volunteers her time and instructional knowledge to support empowerment programs for residents transitioning out of homelessness. 

Ben Kimmel


Ben Kimmel is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Sober and Recovery Coach with more than 27 years of experience. He is a Recovery Specialist for one of North New Jersey’s Opioid Overdose Recovery Programs and stands on the front lines in the fight against the opioid epidemic with the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office. Ben has appeared in such publications as the Bergen Record for his efforts in a program known as Operation Helping Hand, in which Ben acted as one of the specialists behind law enforcement to aid and assist with navigational care for those with opiate disorders. He was also featured on NBC with Pat Battle for his efforts in this matter.  Through Ben’s personal message and motivational lectures, he educates students on the empowerment of wellness. Ben also runs an empowerment program called “Breakfast with Benny” on Sunday mornings at the Hackensack Homeless Shelter and an empowerment class at the Bergen County Jail. Through interaction and exercise, Ben’s objective is based on the improvement of consciousness to promote and strengthen understanding, to motivate self-awareness, and to create and maintain overall wellness.